Worship: Sunday - 9:30am

The Black/Wilkins Memorial Missionary Trust Fund

was formed about 14 years ago to honor two of the old families of Meadow Farm Church. It was an early decision to support NATIVE MISSIONARIES serving our Lord in places where the people have never heard the name of JESUS CHRIST. In many cases these Missionaries are the children or grandchildren of someone who was reached by "Western Missionaries". These Native Missionaries serve among people groups whose language is the same or similar to their own and their customs are also much like the people they serve. The people they serve are not suspicious of them as they would be, were they appearing in their village carrying cell phones or a computer. They often arrive carrying only a bedroll and a Bible and some Bible Tracts to distribute. We have, for the larger part worked through an organization named Gospel for Asia. Over 10 of these Missionaries we have supported have gone on to establish a village Church, grow it and have become self-supporting. We believe God is blessing the efforts of the Folks at Meadow Farm Church as His word is being carried to the very ends of the earth. No dollars are spent on Administration or efforts other than carrying His Word to places where it has never been heard.